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International Divorce Lawyers for Haywards Heath & Mid Sussex

If you’re an English or Welsh expat seeking an international divorce you might not know that you often have the ability to return to your country of origin for legal proceedings, and especially for divorce. There may however be different rules and financial outcomes depending on which country you divorce in, so you’ll need to decide on which jurisdiction from the start. Once proceedings start you can’t change your mind.

As such it’s best to speak to a lawyer experienced in international divorce from the outset. We have connections around the world to ensure you get the best advice. Once you’ve weighed up all the different aspects we can help you file papers in the location that is best for you. It’s best to do this quickly as often it can be better not to let your partner know your plans.  If they file first it could be in another location that could cost you a lot.

At Mulcare Jenkins we understand that speed and quality are essential, and we make sure that you get exactly what you need. You may end up working with us or with one of our expert international divorce partners,, but you’ll get what you’re entitled to. We will be with you, every step of the way.

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The Mancini Legal Group has announced that it will reopen its offices in line with government guidelines. As the UK begins easing its lockdown, the Mancini Legal Group has now a system in place to reopen its offices in Horsham, and Haywards Heath.

Having maintained full services during the lockdown, Mulcare Jenkins will, from Monday 18th May 2020, operate from their offices again.

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