Nigel Cragg

Head of Injury and Clinical and Professional Negligence


If you’ve sustained a personal injury or suffered clinical negligence you really do need a local expert – so we’re delighted to introduce you to Nigel Cragg.

Nigel is a personal injury lawyer of enormous experience across the spectrum of Personal Injury law. At one level he represents cyclists seeking recompense for injury due to pot-hole-in-the-road accidents. At the other he has won cases in the Court of Appeal level. He has also successfully brought ‘Class Actions’ against national corporations and is an expert in claims for industrial accidents and occupational disease.

He has significant expertise in planning and instituting Care Home Fees Restitution, working with MRSA and Clostridium Difficile involving cases of fatality and severe injuries, and litigating in serious industrial disease and respiratory cases.

Finally he is broadly experienced in dealing with accidents and illness abroad for both holiday and business travellers. Mancini is delighted to have Nigel on the senior legal team.