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Commercial law for businesses in Haywards Heath & Mid Sussex


Business law is ever-changing laws. So, it’s good to have a lawyer who understands and has experience of your local business law in the Haywards Heath and Mid Sussex region. You may only need us occasionally, but we’re here for you 24/7.


Commercial Conveyancing

Whether buying, selling or involved in a commercial lease you’ll need a lawyer who understands the local commercial property landscape.

Commercial law

Business law is ever-changing laws. So, it’s good to have a lawyer you know you can call on who understands and has experience of your business. Even if you only need them occasionally.


As an employer you’re bound by a lot of laws. These encompass contracts, employment policies, work regulations, legislation, and more. If you get into a dispute or tribunal good legal advice can save you time and money.

Debt Recovery

Cash flow can be a key struggle – especially if you’re a small business. Debt recovery can be a long, drawn out and distracting process. It’s often best left to the experts whilst you get on with the ‘day job’ with no distraction. Mulcare Jenkins has a team that can act for you.

Regulatory Investigations

Just because your business is being investigated it doesn’t mean the investigators have a valid case. But being investigated can be hugely distracting for any business, not to mention time consuming and expensive. As such it can be better to work with a legal team talking to the regulator as an independent third party.

Intellectual Property and Entertainment

This is a world where ideas have enormous value. Perhaps you work in IT designing new programs or games. You may be a writer or a musician. At Mulcare Jenkins we recognise that great ideas are a scarce resource – the last thing you want is somebody to steal yours. Your creative output, the rights to it and the commercial value should remain yours at all times.


The Mancini Legal Group has announced that it will reopen its offices in line with government guidelines. As the UK begins easing its lockdown, the Mancini Legal Group has now a system in place to reopen its offices in Horsham, and Haywards Heath.

Having maintained full services during the lockdown, Mulcare Jenkins will, from Monday 18th May 2020, operate from their offices again.

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